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Engine bearing
FP engine bearing
Gurantee for 10,000KM
Material: aluminium base and Cu-Pb alloy base
The production line of bearing shell for automobile imported from Australia MIBA Co.,Ltd, with 90s advance Level, productive frequency  800 pieces per hour. It can manufacture all of half-circle bearing shell made of any material, with the overall dimension from diameter 40 to 125, wall thickness 1.5 to 5 mm. which automatic controlled by the computer and  changed work piece by the mechanical hand. The production line includes the following procedures, i.e, cutting whole length, chamfering both face angles, boring oil groove, pressing locating lip, grinding angle, broaching separated face, automatic measuring the radius height, fine boring inside hole and so on. The whole production line would be stopped if any part is indicated an unqualified parts by the computer during the manufacturing, and will be worked continuously until the inqualified parts is removed by the operator and the data on the computer is adjusted correctly. The  whole fixutres for the production line have been standardized. It only takes 30 minutes to change the whole fixture of diferent types.